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Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Walking into the woods behind my house in the golden summer south,
I see them as much more, because I am a child.
They provide another world where kings, queens,and fairies dwell.
In each leaf is a story— one that I can tell.

I grab my younger brothers by the arms and coerce them into play.
The light through the trees warns us of the end of day.
But we will not retreat now from our lean-to castle kingdom,
for magic happens as the sun meets earth.

We will never be as free as we are now,
Where we make our own laws,
and we're protected by the trees. 

**One of my favorite books as a child, Bridge to Terabithia, inspired my brothers and I to make a secret fort by the same name in the woods behind our house. This is a poem dedicated to that place.