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Friday, June 15, 2012


June 14, 2012

Hazy face, hazy dreams.
I am never what I seem.
There is one, and there are two.
Both of which are me, not you.
Though your shadow casts its gaze,
Upon my weak and weary face-
You cannot reach me.

One of me is stronger, harsher still.
The world is hers, but she herself, has killed.
A hard exterior, soft within,
She breaks so easily beneath the skin.
With your knife, you graze her wounds,
You chip and cut and make blood ooze.
But there is another.

The other, she never bleeds.
As hard as rock, her heart as thick as orchid leaves.
She wafts through life, so stoic and still.
You can't break her; you never will.
She feels no love; she feels no pain.
Her every experience feels the same. 

It's her shadow you must watch out for. 

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