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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So, a group did a presentation today in class and asked that we do a "free write" based on being in the following situation: You're on a mountain alone, snowshoeing and you come across this terrifying creature: how do you feel? It was an activity about translation of texts. Now, I can't find the exact picture, but it looked something like this:
---Except facing the camera more, looking more vicious, and surrounded by snow. So, this probably doesn't "translate" well itself since you're seeing a different source than my original. But, to my thoughts:

By: Katie M. Moss
07 April 2010

Walking on the desolate, snow-frosted mountain-- full of ethereal white beauty and thoughts of the sea,
I hear the steady thump, thump of a heartbeat other than my own.
I am no longer alone with my thoughts in this wasteland wilderness--
My new self is now clearly exposed.

Chills crawl up and down my arms and neck as my breath freezes like a block of hard, rough ice in my chest.**
What I see is a monster---
What I see is myself.

Myself reflected--
A version of myself.
Nature's own version:
Green-yellow eyes and blazing white, rock-shard teeth.
Do I stay and face the beast--
or retreat from nature's mirror- into the snow-covered tangles of branches I should have never left behind? **
My fear consumes the heat surrounding my ice-blocked chest.
My heart melts.
My body remains. 

**BTW, I'm extremely frustrated that I can't fit all of my longer lines on the same line in this format. Please ignore the breaks. 

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